Cancer Remission

Now that you are in remission from cancer, you can rely on your strength to help you find your new normal. The good news is that every day, no matter what the day may bring, is a day to be thankful for.

Staying Healthy

Find ways to take advantage of healthy habits so staying healthy can fit within your cancer-free lifestyle.

You Can Live Well

Follow Up Care

Follow-up Care

You did such a good job to get yourself to this point, now’s the time to stay focused on your health. Work with your care team to set up a follow-up care plan.

You Can Make a Plan


Receive periodic emails from with information tailored to your current needs, whether recently diagnosed, in treatment, or in remission.

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Effects of Cancer Treatment

You’ve gotten through cancer treatment, but sometimes, the effects of treatment can stay with people even after they’re cancer-free. Learn what to look for, and work with your care team to report anything that bothers you.

You Can Be Prepared

Life After Cancer

There’s a lot to look forward to as they adjust to their "new normal". As you prepare for your next chapter, keep an eye on how to make the most of your future.

You Can Rise to the Challenge

Support Tools

Helpful resources that can prepare you to take action are just one click away.

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