Recently Diagnosed With Cancer

We want to help make these first few days, weeks, or months after being diagnosed with cancer a little easier on you. There’s a lot to learn, so try to think of what’s most important to you today, and start with that topic.

Understanding Your Diagnosis

Every journey has a first step, and learning the facts about cancer is a common place to start. We’ve collected these resources from many sources so you can find them all in one place.

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Choosing Your Healthcare Team

A strong healthcare team includes doctors, nurses, social workers, and more, with you at its center. Learn what steps to take when choosing your healthcare team.

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Coping With Cancer

Coping With Cancer

Usually, there are a lot of emotions that people experience when first diagnosed with cancer. If you’re looking for tools and tips to cope with cancer, we’ve got some great resources here for you.

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Coping With Cancer

Taking the Next Step Toward Cancer Treatment

When you’re ready to start taking action, there are a few things to consider when deciding which cancer treatment is best for you. Get an idea of what to do next with these resources.

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