Surviving Cancer: Follow-up Care

Even though cancer may be in the rearview mirror, your health shouldn’t be. Depending on your cancer, some doctors will want to see you on a regular basis during remission. No matter what, you’ve been able to get your health back, so rely on your healthcare team to help you hold on to it.

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  • Source: National Cancer Institute
    After you've finished your cancer treatment, you might have a lot of questions. Here are a few from the NCI that can help guide your conversation about next steps and follow-up care with your healthcare team.
  • Source: National Cancer Institute
    Information from the NCI about follow-up medical care after you've completed cancer treatment. Find out what's involved in getting a wellness plan and taking steps toward a healthy lifestyle.
  • Source: CancerCare
    A survivorship care plan is a very important part of follow-up care for everyone who completes treatment for cancer. It can help you work effectively with your healthcare team. Using these checklists can help you better manage your follow-up care. collects information from respected sources and is not responsible for the creation of content, except as noted. The original source has granted permission to share this information on in an effort to provide you with the best information possible.


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