Choosing a Cancer Treatment

Choosing a cancer treatment is a really big decision. The good news is there are a lot of sources of support. Let’s make sure you have what you need so you can feel confident about your decision.

Cancer Treatment Options: Making a Decision

Because there may be different ways to treat your cancer, try to make a plan that stays focused on what’s important to you.

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Insurance and Financial Assistance

Your insurance company will play a major role in the cost of cancer treatment. It’s important to understand your coverage and learn about any financial assistance options available to you.

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Engaging Your Healthcare Team

As you consider treatment options, talking with your healthcare team is always helpful because they’re the experts. Ask questions. Get advice. They have a lot of experience, and you should take advantage of it.     

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Engaging Healthcare
Cancer Treatment

Cancer Treatment: What to Expect

When you’re prepared for the road ahead, you’ll have fewer surprises. Even if you’ve already started cancer treatment, there are some important things to know.

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When Treatment Isn’t an Option

For some situations, active treatment may not be the best option or your preferred choice. If this is your situation, there are ways you can find comfort and make the most of your time with others.

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Clinical Trial

Considering Clinical Trials

There may be cancer research happening in your area, so you may be eligible to enroll in clinical trials to get treatments before they get approved.

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