Cancer Treatment: What to Expect

Your experience will be unique—however, knowing what others have gone through can help you better understand what’s next. Get an idea of your next steps as you explore resources and information to help you prepare for treatment.

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  • Source: American Cancer Society
    Anxiety and fear are common feelings that people with cancer and their families may experience. Find out what you can do to help manage these feelings.
  • Source: American Cancer Society
    Many things can cause confusion, which is when a person has trouble thinking or acting like they normally do. Find out what to look for and what you can do.
  • Source: American Cancer Society
    Feelings of depression are common when people are coping with cancer. Learn what to look for and what you can do if these feelings get in the way of day-to-day activities. collects information from respected sources and is not responsible for the creation of content, except as noted. The original source has granted permission to share this information on in an effort to provide you with the best information possible.


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