Living Well With Cancer

Eating healthy, getting plenty of sleep, and staying positive may not be easy, but it can help get you through treatment. Explore valuable resources and information to help you stay strong throughout your cancer treatment journey.

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  • Author: Lucy Maher
    During treatment, when you need loved ones most, you may feel disconnected. Due to changes in your body and energy level, you may have little desire for intimacy. Here are some tips to maintain intimacy throughout treatment.
  • Author: Robin Searles
    Smoking can negatively affect your ability to be treated for and recover from a cancer diagnosis. Quitting tobacco use can significantly improve your chances for the best possible health outcomes during treatment and recovery.
  • Author: Lucy Maher
    Weight changes are an often unexpected side effect of receiving cancer treatment. Here, we offer tips to help you manage your weight in a healthy way.
  • Source: Cancer Support Community
    Cancer treatment often involves chemotherapy or targeted therapy to treat the cancer—as well as other medications for managing side effects. It is important to keep track of the medication you are taking using these tips.
  • Source: Cancer Support Community
    Watch a brief video of Shelley, a retired health and physical education teacher, as she shares her story about how exercise helped her physically and emotionally get through cancer. NOTE: Talk to your doctor about what exercises are right for you.
  • Source: Cancer Support Community
    Taking steps to ensure you are maintaining a healthy lifestyle can make a world of difference in how you get through your cancer journey.
  • Source: Cancer Support Community
    Ten actions you can take to improve your quality of life.
  • Source: American Cancer Society
    Cancer can be a chronic (ongoing) illness, much like diabetes or heart disease. Living with cancer is different from living after cancer.
  • Source: Cancer Support Community
    Chemotherapy and other cancer treatments can affect the blood cells that protect against disease. This is why cancer patients are at increased risk of getting an infection and may get sick more easily. There are many preventative steps that you can take to stay healthy. collects information from respected sources and is not responsible for the creation of content, except as noted. The original source has granted permission to share this information on in an effort to provide you with the best information possible.


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