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As you learn all about your diagnosis, you may have questions that you want to discuss with your doctor. For now, let’s begin with the basics.


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Multiple Myeloma Cancer Information

  • Author: Lucy Maher
    Multiple myeloma is an uncommon form of blood cancer formed by malignant plasma cells. Learn about the symptoms, stages, and treatment plan for patients diagnosed with multiple myeloma.
  • Source: American Cancer Society
    Staging is the process of putting cancer into a category to better understand it. The stage of cancer helps determine treatment options.
  • Source: American Cancer Society
    Cancer starts when cells in the body begin to grow out of control. Multiple myeloma is a cancer formed by malignant plasma cells. Normal plasma cells are found in the bone marrow and are an important part of the immune system.
  • Source: American Cancer Society
    A brief overview of multiple myeloma including the different types, tests, questions, treatments, clinical trials, and what happens after treatment.
  • Source: CancerCare
    While multiple myeloma can present many challenges, keep in mind that you do not need to cope with this diagnosis on your own. There are many local and national support services available to assist you.

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  • Author: Sarah Handzel
    If you’ve been diagnosed with cancer, you may wonder if you should seek a second opinion about your diagnosis and treatment options. Second opinions may confirm your diagnosis and provide invaluable information about your cancer and where it’s located in your body.
  • Source: Cancer Support Community
    Are you newly diagnosed? Here's what you need to know.

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