Support Tools

Get access to a collection of resources that can support you today and well into the future.

My Care Activator™

My Care Activator™ is an online program that helps you build skills over time so you can take better care of yourself. There are 9 skill sets in My Care Activator™, and they include meaningful topics like “Coping with Symptoms” and “Getting Better Sleep."

Advocacy Connector

Advocacy Connector can put you in touch with organizations near you that can help you in a number of ways, including financially, socially, and logistically. By simply selecting an area of interest and entering your ZIP code, you can find help near you.

Survivorship Guide

The Survivorship Guide provides cancer survivors with the tools needed to navigate life after treatment. Each guide is personalized and includes a care summary outline that can be used to document your treatment journey up to and including remission.

My Care

Get access to My Care Activator™, an exclusive support program to help with your unique challenges.

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