Video: How to Boost Social Support When You're Living With Cancer

Staying connected, online or in real time, doesn't just feel good, it plays a role in health outcomes and survival rates.

  • Use social media to connect. Find supportive communities even when you're not feeling well.
  • Plan simple connections close to home. Using your energy wisely gives you more meaningful time with friends.
  • Say yes to that ride. The trip to an appointment can be great connecting time.
  • Go grocery shopping with a friend. Save energy by combining your to-do list and your social time.
  • Go online to chat or call. Have real-time talks without leaving home on low-energy days.
  • Sign up for a class or workshop. Connect while you flex your mind or body by learning new skills.
  • Join a support group. Or start your own to learn and connect.
  • Be assertive. Some friends and loved ones might pull away because they aren't sure how to talk about your diagnosis. Communicate openly about your health and your needs.
  • Know what works for you. Focus on the people you can trust and who will make you feel better.

Guidance from the doctors, nurses and specialists for cancer care at Mayo Clinic.



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