Video: Tips for Taming Cancer Stress

Tips for taming cancer stress

  • Make a list of stressors. Let go of some, find support for others.
  • Put your hand over your heart. Researchers say this simple, soothing action has a calming effect.
  • Listen to music. Your favorite tunes can lower pain levels, especially surrounding treatments.
  • Watch a funny movie. Laughter reduces cortisol, the main stress hormone.
  • Get a massage. Studies say massage can help circulation and reduce anxiety.
  • Practice deep breathing. Outside if possible. Being in nature improves your mood. Deep breathing helps you relax.
  • Relax your body. The gentle movements of yoga or tai chi center your mind and ease anxious thoughts.
  • Loosen up your schedule. Overscheduling can feel overwhelming. Give yourself enough time for each activity.
  • Unplug sometimes. And skip the research that could lead to misinformation or worry.
  • Say yes when others offer help. Allowing loved ones to pitch in lowers your stress and theirs.

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