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Whether you are someone with cancer or someone close to you has cancer, it can be very helpful to talk with others in a similar situation who will understand what you are going through. Support from others who understand can help to improve your ability to cope, your ability to feel more into control over your situation and give you a sense of hope.

You may feel that support groups or counseling are not for you – or the idea of speaking with strangers would be uncomfortable. The truth is, even if your friends and family are supportive, they have their own experiences that are unique to them. This is a time when emotional and social support can help you find ways to talk about and understand what you’re going through.

The Cancer Support Community can help connect you to a community of support. People who have been affected by cancer often feel anxious, sad angry or even confused about what they are feeling. That’s OK and normal. Part of the challenge is accepting that you need support. You shouldn’t have to feel you have to do this alone. We can help you get connected to support groups, helpful resources, one-on-one counseling, online bulletin boards and other ways to connect with others whether it be face to face, online or over the phone.

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The Cancer Support Community, a nonprofit organization with more than 30 years of experience delivering the highest quality cancer related education, emotional and social support to people impacted by cancer. CSC can help you develop a customized plan for coping with your situation using CancerSupportSourceSM (CSS) a brief survey that will help open the conversation about your unique needs and wants.

Research supports that asking people about how they are coping and what their needs are is an important first step in identifying important concerns, which can lead to improved quality of life, the ability to stay on treatment and overall patient satisfaction.

An integrated distress screening program like CSS can help identify concerns that need to be addressed early on in diagnosis before they become a barrier to care.

To learn more about how CSC can help you create a plan for social and emotional support and to learn more about cancer and how to cope, call the CSC helpline at 888-793-9355 or visit an affiliate near you.

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Distress screening - professionals only

CancerSupportSource® (CSS) is the first comprehensive distress screening program developed for community-based hospitals, physician practices and advocacy organizations to integrate screening, referral and follow-up care, through a single, streamlined, program.

Routine screening for social and emotional distress is a key component to comprehensive quality cancer care and is a recommendation of the 2008 Institute of Medicine’s Report, Cancer Care for the Whole Patient, Meeting Psychosocial Health Needs and also the new patient-centered standards from the American College of Surgeon’s Commission on Cancer which state that beginning in 2015, all cancer patients must be screened for distress if seen in an accredited cancer center.

CSS helps cancer centers meet those critical standards easily and effectively. CSS is more than a screening tool—it enables providers to create a vital program linking patient-reported needs with in-house and community support services.

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